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Originally Posted by sagebrush View Post
I've never heard this. How depressing!

Berryblondeboys, do you lift *heavy* weights? I know we lose muscle mass as we grow older and that is a part of having a healthy metabolism. And the latest research is telling us that light weights and "toning" aren't all that useful. It's something I need to start doing personally, since 40 is sneaking up on me. How tall are you, btw?
Yes, it's depressing Sagebrush but since you're lighter your body does not have to exert itself as much so you're not burning as many calories. I'm with you on focusing more on muscle building which may help give you a little more wiggle room for maintaining your weight (not a lot but maybe you can have an extra 50-100 calories per day due to increased muscle mass). Berryblondboys, have you considered using BodyBugg? I find it's been helpful for seeing what I burned compared to the calories I've eaten. Once you see a pattern that shows you're consistently maintaining, you will have a good idea of how much exercise and calories required for you (versus using the general calculators online).
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