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Default Hi Anna

I just started Jenny and have completed day 4, which is not much help for you , but I will post here and cheer you on. So far, I am doing fine with no cheating. The food is decent , but the portions are quite small, though when you add veggies or a salad , then it is satisfying.

Interested to know which foods you like and how you volumize. Today I had the broccoli cheese potato and topped it with some grilled red pepper strips and onion. That really added to the flavor. Tomorrow I will be adding lots of veggies to the beef bean chili. I do not do the Jenny breakfasts to cut down on the cost. Instead I eat 3/4 c of Kashi , loaded with protein, and skim milk. Yesterday i had the fried chicken/mashed potatoes, which I was disappointed in. I never tasted any chicken, that is how little of it there was. Tonite I am munching on the lemon cookies. They are okay, but looking for a snack that provides more volume. I guess that would be the popcorn. I also make choices to handle my sweet tooth and chocolate attacks too. Let me know how you are doing.
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