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Krampus: The skin thing IS nice...

I found out that when a gaijin walks into a booth looking like they know what they're doing, no one really objects to solo purikura...I g-smashed the crap out of that As the objective was to get pictures of me for my boyfriend to put in his wallet (he just got a new one and couldn't understand why my most recent wallet-sized photos were from my senior year of high school) it would have been a little silly to drag someone along with me. I was more amused when some Japanese girls saw me cutting off some of the repeats and asked me to explain how to print afterward.

Oh god, I love the Engrish speech bubbles...I had some kinda glorious ones with my friends when I was studying abroad...The best was our "BOOBIES!" one where the 3 girls in the booth motioned like we were going to flash the camera while one guy friend looked utterly perplexed and one stared hopefully down the closest girl's shirt.

Dottington: I think that 'tiny' is a bit of an overstatement, but I'm getting there...I can't wait to be an 8...I think I'm probably a 6 or 8 in pants now, but with my man shoulders, 10 seemed to be the winner when I slipped on some jackets in H&M while in Tokyo this week. The jeans look great!

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