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Originally Posted by cscape View Post
Hi Liz.tried this a few times and I must be missing's not that great and yet I love spinach and coffee. I tried it with the Dark Chocolate pudding and the Vanilla pudding as well. Added cinamon. What "legal" flavorings have you used? I'm in my 9th week, and our coach advised staying away from artificial sweetners due to their affect on the pancreas (Ideal Protein talked about this in their may newletter). Did it take you awhile to get used to the taste?
I use Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Butterscotch did not work for me flavor-wise. As for sweetener, usually a tbsp of WF Caramel Sauce and sometimes Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia. My coach advised me to limit all extras to 6 or less a day due to hidden carbs and calories, and to avoid all Aspartame due to the affect on the pancreas - the Sweetleaf is the only 'truly zero' sweetener that I know of.

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