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Default Spinach Mocha Latte

Originally Posted by LizRR View Post
How could I let this thread go on so long without my most favoritest blender recipe of ALL TIME...I have this every morning and I will continue to have it for life!

IP Chocolate/Vanilla/Cappucino Drink Mix/RTD/Pudding (tasters choice)
1c Spinach, loose leaf
1c Lettuce (optional)
2c Coffee, chilled (decaf, half-caf, fully leaded, your choice)
Extracts or Sweetener (optional)

1. Put the Spinach, Lettuce & Sweetener/Extracts, and 2 cups chilled coffee in a blender ~2 minutes on High to pulverize/liquefy the greens.
2. Add in your IP product of choice and blend ~10-30 seconds on Low to mix thoroughly.
3. Check consistency & taste - adjust accordingly.
4. Serve over ice and enjoy! You can also blend in the ice for a 'milkshake' (pudding gives a great thick texture for this).

*I have a Chocolate RTD + 2c Half-Caf Coffee + 1c Spinach + 1c Lettuce, + 1 tbsp WF Caramel Sauce just about EVERY morning. I will most likely move to decaf coffee and move this to my snack in Phase 3 and Maintenance.
*You can substitute water or flavored herbal teas in place of coffee
*You can substitute WB Yogurt or any other Drink Mix in place of the Chocolate/Vanilla/Cappuccino - I just listed those since they go with coffee - which is my liquid of choice!

Hi Liz.tried this a few times and I must be missing's not that great and yet I love spinach and coffee. I tried it with the Dark Chocolate pudding and the Vanilla pudding as well. Added cinamon. What "legal" flavorings have you used? I'm in my 9th week, and our coach advised staying away from artificial sweetners due to their affect on the pancreas (Ideal Protein talked about this in their may newletter). Did it take you awhile to get used to the taste?

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