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I do out monthly menus and plan my grocery buying on what's on the menu. I only plan the main meal but there's always enough food on hand for breakfast and supper. I always have oatmeal, rice, pasta and dry beans on hand as well as various kinds of canned beans,vegetables, pasta sauces, soups and condiments. Frozen vegetables, fruit and entree items are also bought on sale. I buy several packages of cheese only when it's on sale, which it is every few weeks, so that keeps me going with that. I only buy yogurt, butter, margarine and oil on sale and stock up. Eggs also go on sale at the drugstore and when they do I buy at least 4 dozen. They're usually good for about 2 months according to the best before date. We use powdered skim milk instead of fresh. I make it up the night before so it's well chilled and we actually like it much better than fresh skim milk. I shop for fresh items nearly every week using the flyers as a guide. If a particular item is needed for a menu meal and it's too expensive I change. For instance if lettuce is sky high during the winter I'll switch to coleslaw.

When I make my list out I go through the flyers and put the store heading on the paper. I write down the food items from that store with the price next to them. Then I move on to the next store flyer and do the same. Other items that are not on sale go in another column or under a store heading if I know it's cheaper there than another place. All the grocery stores are close in my town and in the other town I shop in so I don't spend lots on gas getting from store to store. I also shop for canned goods in dollar stores and Walmart (which doesn't have a fresh food section where I live.)

When I start making my menus for the month I always "shop" in my pantry/freezer first to see what I already have that can go into a meal and then go on from there. I do the same as westcoast rosa and try to make extra for suppers. (We try to eat our large dinner at noon as I'm retired and can do that.)

Don't overlook discounted food items in the grocery stores. Many of the items have months left on the shelf life and if it's refrigerated juices or cheese I buy them and freeze them. Sometimes fresh produce is in the discount bins because of blemishes but often when peeled or a few leaves pulled off are as good as new. Limp broccoli can be brought back to life by cutting a slice off the bottom of the stem and placing the bunch in a bowl or large glass of water. In a few hours time you have a very firm bunch of broccoli. Don't buy broccoli if the flowers are turning yellow. That's way too old, lol. Day old bread is just as good as fresh for toasting and some even for just eating as is. You can freeze bread to keep it fresh longer.

Doing out the grocery list can be a little time consuming to begin with but it pays big dividends for the happy diner. Happy shopping!

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