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Originally Posted by cscape View Post
Forgive me for sounding dumb...but to figure out how much veggie you are getting per blended you
1. Add up the total cups of raw veggies you're putting into the blender
2. Divide this number by 2 (2c veggie per meal)= number of portions made =[b]
2. Now puree and measure the blended amount = [c]
3. Divide this number [c] by the number of portions [b] = d
4. d is the amount of puree you can have at one meal
Exactly. I would make my puree and split it immediately into 1 cup portions, because i have 1c spinach in breakfast smoothie, and 1c veggie in my lunch soup. So 5 cup raw chopped veggies, after roasting and pureeing would immediately get parsed into 5 pyrex bowls. It kept the right amount and i had lunch ready to grab and go for the week. All i needed was to remember my packet!

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#1:-9lb,-1.19%; # 7:-3lb,-0.55%; *13:-5lb,-0.76%; #18:-2lb,-0.87%; Start Phase2! Start Phase 3!
#2:-6lb,-1.01%; # 8:-3lb,-0.60%; #14:-2lb,-0.48%; #19:-3lb,-0.53%; #1:-0,-0.00%; #1:+1.4lb,+0.82%
*4:-6lb,-0.95%; # 9:-4lb,-0.69%; #15:-.4lb,-0.1%; *21:-3lb,-1.40%; #2:-0,-1.10%; #2:-1.0lb,-0.33%
#5:-5lb,-0.79%; #10:-2lb,-0.50%; #16:-4lb,-0.98%; #22:-5lb,-1.41%
#6:-3lb,-0.57%; #11:-4lb,-0.76%; #17:-2lb,-3.70%; *on travel WI#3,12,20

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