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Default Liz : calculating veggie portion

Originally Posted by LizRR View Post
By popular demand, a thread on our favorite veggie puree's and different ways we use them for majah' flavah'!!!

Here are some rough estimates I use to measure my veggies:
1 medium cauliflower ~ 4 cups chopped
1 rib celery ~ 1/2 cup chopped
1 medium bell pepper or poblano ~ 1 cup chopped
4 jalapenos ~ 1 cup choppped
1 medium zucchini ~ 2 cups chopped
1lb asparagus ~ 2 cups chopped
1lb mushrooms ~ 2 cups chopped
*Double check with your own measurements as veggie descriptions can be relative!

*Keep in mind your puree will blend down tremendously, so it's a good idea to parse it out after you make it to keep 'track' of just how many cups of veggies you are consuming.

*Note: I tend to add 'extra' celery to my purees, not only does it add structure, but it's a "lighter" veggie that can help balance out some of the carbier ones on the Select list.

*Check your labels and with your coach - the 1 cup of Chicken Broth I use adds 5 calories from 1g protein.

BEWARE!!! CAUTION!!! When blending hot items keep the stopper off the top of your blender or else you will face a steam explosion when you take off your blender top!

...Now on to the puree's!
Forgive me for sounding dumb...but to figure out how much veggie you are getting per blended you
1. Add up the total cups of raw veggies you're putting into the blender
2. Divide this number by 2 (2c veggie per meal)= number of portions made =[b]
2. Now puree and measure the blended amount = [c]
3. Divide this number [c] by the number of portions [b] = d
4. d is the amount of puree you can have at one meal

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