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Default Rutabaga- Cutting it up

Originally Posted by LizRR View Post
I don't think there is an easy way to cut rutabagas. I use my largest chef knife to slice a little off one side to level the rutabaga, peel it with a potato peeler, then I start the cut and push on top of the blade with a flat hand and push on the handle, starting from the outside in. When I get to a thick part, I flip the rutabaga and start from the outside in again.

You can try putting it in a bowl, covered with water and steam for about 5 minutes on medium in the microwave to see if the knife would go through easier.
I learned this trick from an elderly woman I was renting a room from during my college days...
Use a hammer and a large knife (I now use one knife strictly for cutting my rutabagas).
1. Pierce the rutabaga with the point of the knife
2. Now place the blade perpendicular to the surface of the rutabaga in the spot you just pierced.
3. Take your hammer and hit the top of the blade. Keeping hitting along the top blade. For very large rutabagas, you'll need to pull the knife out after going down about half way, and rotate the rutabaga , and repeat process. I will quarter it and then peel it..easier for me to handle.

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