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Addendum and warning, long, fantasy ridden postie with complex silly syntax, lol, as had been thinking about the scale and how some folks continue to tell me it isn't important what I weigh or what the scale says.

This be Day 143 o' the backward count to that auspicious day I will weigh 125 pounds, but we hope to get to the goal sooner, e'en though we are moving sloooooooowly!!

Well, we here in the Land o' the Sort of Really a Desert With Buildings did do the rain dance and pray for relief last night from the 117 degree temperature. The heavens did indeed let loose a teeny bit o' sturm 'n drang, starting west of ME, Queen & Empress o' Her World, in the towns where she used to work and FINALLY, apparently hittin' her local neighborhood with a microburst, too, as this mornin' was wet outside, a chair from her porch was halfway across the yard, the trash dumpster was upside down and things were cooler out there. Won't take it long to heat up again but nice.

Waiting for a friend to pick ME (just me lol) up to go to the trails. Have been talking to Diet Wise Woman, who said, as she doth say every week about this time, that she would walk with me ALL THE REST O' THE WEEK and remind (nag) me to watch the caloric intake as the SACRED CEREMONY O' THE GOLDEN SCALE O' DIETARY JUSTICE was taking place in three days' time and NOT having a calorie overage at this point AND sticking to Rule Number 1 (no sugar) would be the best idea in order to ensure that the ONE, TRUE GOLDEN SCALE said nice things to us all on that glorious ceremonial weigh-in mornin'!

She asked that ME reminds herself that no one in the virtual or nonvirtual universe inhabited by ME could jinx this fun focus on healthy weight by negativity and saying how unimportant the scale is because to ME the scale is actually EXTREMELY important.

See, here it is! The GOLDEN SCALE o' DIETARY JUSTICE is one essential piece o' data for ME because, having once weighed a great deal more ON THE SCALE and not liking that much, ME is pretty vigilant about it.

ME knows that there are other things in life than the scale and other parameters of health and fitness than the scale. ME pays attention to those things and puts them in context with THE SCALE.

But the scale data helps ME to manage MY weight to a point where MY joints do not ache, where MY knees will not hurt if I want to run, where MY clothes will fit and WHERE I know I am not on any unhealthy roads back to insulin resistance and obesity and am on the road to fitness, healthness and looking fab in jeans and little capri pants.

Yay!!!! Woot! Huzzah! Welladay! Hocus Pocus Focus Focus! Constant Vigilance (against caloric overages) is NOW IN EFFECT! It always is but NOW ME IS SERIOUS!

It. Is. Manifest.

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