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It's been about 8 weeks since I went off sugar. I had withdrawals and felt really light headed for about 12 days. I've had a couple of sweets and I was fine. I was worried that I would be biting the bullet being off sugar and the first time I ate one piece of chocolate I would lose it and go crazy, but I didn't.

I have been reading a book about changing your mindset about food and getting out of the mindset of deprivation. I adopted the attitude that I can eat sweets but I'm choosing not to. It's a small thing but for someone who has been in a deprivation then binge pattern for years and years it's a big accomplishment.

The sugar didn't make me feel awful at all. It didn't make me feel great either but I enjoyed it and I moved on and went right back to not having sugar as a regular part of my daily life. On the few days I did eat something with sugar I was more tired the next day for sure.

I have come to enjoy the increased energy I have when refined sugar isn't part of my daily diet and I like that I have hardly any PMS now. It's totally worth it.

But I do think it's important to bake cookies with my kids. I don't believe that homemade cookies made with organic ingredients are "garbage" food. I think that it's hard to maintain extreme lifestyles and mental attitudes about food forever and research bears that out every single time they do a study. I've been seeing a nutritionist and she said "Sugar isn't the poison. It's the DOSE people are taking." I did some reading about how much sugar people consumed a few decades ago and what they consume now and it's staggering how we have put that stuff in everything!

Going off of it and clearing my head has been really freeing. It doesn't have the hold on me it once had.
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