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Day 145! Okay dokey karioke!!! Doin' SO much better today. Will catch up with the streakity later, going to gym for the August gym challenge, did Pilates last night, did weights this morning, am NOT goin' to buy anymore EVIL DEMONIC SNACK CAKES as that extra sugar is what set off my crazy depression yesterday when mixed with 109 F heat and only two A/C rooms in the palace here.

Light at end of tunnel? No, but sure had a good second part of the night's sleep after the TRYST WITH EVIL SNACK CAKES.

Need to stick to agave for sugar and still allowable is some splenda. The agave is NOT low glycemic as it is marketed, but its charm is how gentle it is to my system and also how intensely sweet and natural so that only a little bit provides more than enough sweetness. I also like that it comes from the desert areas of the country wherein I reside in nonvirtual space.

Woot! Am just going to walk on the indoor track at the gym. I find I do my weights so much better in my home gym all by my little ol' queenly self.
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