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Yea, Arabella, please share how the performance went, sounds like such a goodly and fun thing to do. Bet it was beautiful.

Anagram, thanks for the kudos and thoughts on focusing that support what I think also about what I am doing. It is good DS and DD are getting into the reality of the move and helping you out. But of course you must have fun with your teen princess, ah, they grow up so fact, the time for them to be your little ones is indeed precious. I don't have children other than the furbabies (not to denigrate my furbabies as fully fledged little people I adore, but they stay always children so the trick is to enjoy but watch them like a hawk so they don't get into mischief lol).

Glad your neighbors were great and wow only three miles away is still a move and new digs but glad you have that comfort level of being in your familiar area.

I love the weird area I live in and have moved a few times here and have been so glad to be still "home" in my strange desert city.

Totally think ye are wise not to focus on losing weight but will continue with the tai chi and pt.

Enjoy your day!

Wondering how it goeth with Wsw, Kaylets and all the royals! Hope all are well. Huzzah!
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