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Burgundy...that is so funny because we know each other's "real names" from facebook. lol. So now you have some time to buy since you are not getting dental work, that being said, what program are you putting in place to take this weight off?

I do my walk every morning, for a while there I had to switch to bike riding because I was getting bored and found that to be good change. Today I started walking again and enjoyed it. I guess I just have to keep it fresh, besides, the different changes are all good for the body. I am signing up Gabriella for swimming next week, ok...funny story, when I was Gabriella's age, up until 14 I was on a swim team that trained for the Olympics (not everyone on the team was chosen, but I was one that they were "grooming"), anyway, this whole Olympic thing got me on memory lane and I was telling Gab, and so now she wants to try it, lol. I could care less about training her for the Olympics but if it could help towards a scholarship, that would be awesome. Im also hoping it helps me get back in the pool. :-) She is also in running club and if I had the resilence she has, Id be good, lol.
Burgundy, start out small, park your car in the farthest place possible and walk, thats how it all began for me.

Ok, NOW FOR THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I weighed myself this week and lost 10 pounds in my first week on Atkins! Woot woot! I know its just the big "flush" but I am seriously happy. Even if its 2 pounds each week moving forward, I would be happy with that.

I have a new goal in mind. My birthday weekend in January 20th and we will be on a cruise with 8 other cabin of friends and family, so I would like to be 150 by that cruise. It would be my most aggressive goal to date but the Atkins diet is soooooo easy, I dont see any problems.

What is everyone else's goals? Short term/long term?
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