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Arabella, so admire your ability to recognize doing nothing but work can lead to the doldrums. I need to find something social to do other than work and take walks with people, which is good, but need a class or something.

Lost .4 this week. It is the 7th consecutive week I've had a loss, small losses and slow but I'm winning.

Had some people tell me this week that I am too focused on the scale, lol. Yea, and while they are telling me that I am reaching my goal.

Happy happy happy today! Verra focused, yes.

Did another of the virtual 5ks on that "other" website (sorry to mention it). My run/walk time is getting SLOWER not FASTER lol. I don't care, it is fun.

Going to make a beef and corn casserole of some kind today or tomorrow. Pledged to do a main "diet" dish each week to freeze. Last week it was just salmon and Brussels sprouts.

Love to all royals. I have one more document to prepare for work and then have NO contracts or work to do for three days, then just some short things and then am taking time off until September to FOCUS on, well, yes, the SCALE.

Plus other things but I really want to reach this goal.
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