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Keep your head up girls. Although I do not have babies or twins, I do have 3 kids (now, lol, my way of my boyfriends two). It takes baby steps. Do the grocery shopping first, then pack healthy snacks a week in advance. One of the things that I started doing with this "diet" *hiss**gasp*....ahem, "lifestyle change" is making a lot of my meals on Sunday's, ie: I make mini quiche with egg, cheese and sausage, and then freeze them in individual baggies. That way I just grab them from the freezer when I first wake up, throw them in microwave at work, and then eat them at my desk. Just a thought? I know, I know...easier said than done.

Im going to touch on my TMI moment....warning, warning.

I got TOM yesterday, except, heres the problem...I have not gotten TOM in 9 years! Needless to say, I am a big baby not having dealt with this in so long. I have not worked out but 2 days this week and this just adds to my fall. I also want to weigh in tomorrow but as I did with my previous weight loss, if I feel bloated on weigh in date, I wait, to avoid frustration.

I am amazed that I am not missing carbs in the slightest. The headaches have also subsided. I am craving soda like **** but I can deal with it. I am suppose to go out to Macaroni Grill for lunch today. I have been going over the menu ALL MORNING and realized, just how bad the carb count is in EVERYTHING, even salad! But then again, this IS an Italian restaurant. I dont want to make my friends suffer for my diet restrictions.
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