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Huzzah, inspirational Am - and I too enjoyed your "rule" setting, Arabella.

Am listing but not getting excited yet. Not till after "inspection" this week. THEN if all goes well, I'll get more so. Have told only family so far but when all passes I will go to door to some of the very best here and give them the news. I hope to make them sad and if I make some glad, I hope they are nice enough not to say so. I have always said I have the best neighbors and I do hate to leave that security but -- sometimes one must.

I did opt for more than I originally intended but just wasn't finding what I want where I want. But isn't that often the case.

Lost the water weight but still find me just above that magical 200 I finally achieved last year (and a few times before). As we often discuss, I threw myself in front of me.....
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