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Hi Ladies!
I have been so busy on MFP that I haven't been on here to much.
Last day of July and I am sad sad!!
Summer will be over in the blink of an eye & that means....cold, wet, dark!

I decided to come back to the beach this week with my mom and aunt this time. We will be here til Sunday. My mom is already driving me to drink!!
I invited them. It was my idea, but since my jeep was injured last week when we were here, we had to bring my mom's explorer.
She tells me when we pull out of her driveway that I am not allowed to drive it!
A. I wasn't driving last week when my jeep was hit.
B. Even if I were, the lady hit US!
C. I have 2 other vehicles at home (I could have followed her in the sKy).
D. I could have rented us a vehicle for the week, it's not like I don't have a job!
So, I told her I would just rent a car once I got here. There is NO WAY I can be in FL without a vehicle!! Is she crazy???
Anyway, she was all offended that I am renting a car.
So, we stop at McDonald's to use the restroom on the way down here. I went first, since I was the one in need of stopping. Go in, do my biz, come out and ask for the key--since it was about -5 degrees in McD's. I was FREEZING! & she blares at me: "You're not driving!"
Uhm, Hello...I didn't say I was. Before I could blink, my mouth flew open, tearing into her! I was so mad! I said, "You don't have to worry about me driving this vehicle while I am here. I have 3 vehicles at home to drive. I don't need yours & when I get to FL, I will get one of my own to drive. This vehicle is not golden!"

She was all mad b/c everyone was staring at us, but I didn't care. I don't know them--they don't know me--and I will never see them again!
Then she told me I NEVER respect her.
Ok, why would I ask to drive her car after she told me 4 hrs ago I couldn't?? Just saying!

This week should be grand! If my diary looks a little alcoholic, you'll know why!
I'm a 13.1!!

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