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Default Lavender Maple Oatmeal Scone with Rhubarb Lavender Jam and Clotted Cream"

sooooo i am so excited for the olympics to start....still can't believe i was in england in may of this year while on IP and never once let my lips touch a strawberry scone with clotted cream!!!! oh well, there is always next year!!

since i have been watching all the pre-trials and pre-games for the olympics...and seeing all the scenery from london...i was missing scones.... know me...always MiX'N iN THE KiTCH'N!!!

so i came up with this MOST DELICIOUS RECIPE!!!!

Lavender Maple Oatmeal Scone with Rhubarb Lavender Jam & "clotted cream"

ooooh my goodness.....this is one of the best desserts i have had since starting IP!!!!

the sweetest maple aroma has filled the air mingled with the delicate lavender rhubarb scent!!! OOOH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!

i started with frozen rhubarb....2 cups....

added to a small pot to simmer.....but not in plain water!!!

this is my little steel tea ball....i love my little tea ball i got in london!!!

fresh lavender tea.....yum.....

time to make some lavender tea!!!

i added 1/2 cup lavender tea to the rhubarb and simmered until smooth!!!

i love the tangy tart taste of rhubarb...but wanted just a wee bit of

i added 10 drops of stevia....not too much for me....cause i love having bites of both, sweet and tangy!!! but you can add to your own taste!!

then i got out my maple oatmeal packet...and decided to add some lavender into the mix as well!!!

i added lavender, some fresh rosemary and some baking powder...1/2 tsp.

added into my magic bullet hopper with the flat blade, along with 4 tbsp of water and 2 tbsp of milk.

the batter will be thick!!!

i again used my english muffin ring....and cooked for 3 mins on each side!!

look at that crispy crust!!!!

you can even see bits of the rosemary and lavender!! yum!!
it smells amazing!!!!

i cut it into 4 tiny scone shaped triangles!!!

ok...i couldn't resist.....had to take a nibble!!!

for the "clotted cream" i mixed 2 tbsp WF marshmallow cream with 1 tbsp milk for a creamy faux version of british clotted cream!!!


sorry......i ate it ALL!!!



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