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I'm also on the old plan. And I love it. My ww points allowance says one thing and the calories allowed for my weight according to says another. But I'm not counting calories per se so I don't go by that. I go by ww. But it is interesting to see how my exercise relates to calories burned vs. calories consumed. Yesterday myfitnesspal said I had gone over in fat and calories when in reality I had points to spare in ww terms.

3FC can't be beat when it comes to support but if you need a good tool for tracking your food and exercise try I love how I type in what I ate and what exercise I did today and it tells me how I'm doing.

Today I worked out really hard! Did 1 hr of water aerobics, 55 munites of Zumba, 35 minutes on the treadmill, and a 30 minute hike. And it told me I burned 1983 calories. It's a neat tool that might help you. But when there is descrepancies I would go with ww
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