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Default Rose Hibiscus Jelly with Marshmallow Whipped Cream and Crunchy Chocolate Crumbles

Rose Hibiscus Jelly with Coco-Mallow Whipped Cream and Crunchy Chocolate Crumbles

i love the IP raspberry jelly....only i wanted to intensify the flavor a bit!!!
you know me...always MiX'n In The KiTCH'n!!!

So.....i replaced the water with some Rose Hibiscus Brewed Tea, added 1 TBSP Torani SF Raspberry Syrup!!!...and the results were....

I brewed my tea....and measured out 6 ounces...and added my 1 tbsp raspberry syrup and the jelly mix and gave it a good stir until all melted...then placed into my small serving dishes, (i made it into 2 servings, so i could have one for lunch, and one after supper!!)

i am not overly fond of the WF products...
but....i like the FLAVOR of the marshmallow dip was tooo sweet to

i use my magic bullet and i add 1 - 2 tbsp of the marshmallow dip and 1 tbsp milk and blend....(sometimes i will use almond milk or lite coconut milk....BUT THAT IS NOT OFFICIALLY IP LEGAL....SO....don't do that unless you clear it with your own coach!!)

(but just between you and me....the coconut milk is da bomb!!!)

...the coconut milk tones down the overly sweetness and cuts all the chemical taste!!! its a perfect blend!!! i love it!!! mixing the marshmallow cream makes it smooth and whipped and not lumpy globby!!! haha

then i top it with 1 crushed chocolate soy puff!!!

(i keep a packet of chocolate soy puffs in a small container in the freezer just for moments like this!!!!...also....sometimes....i just want 4 or 5 puffs....just enough to satisfy me!!! BUT DON'T DO THIS IF YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THOSE LITTLE PUFFS....cause they are sooo good!!!)


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