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Sorry everyone is struggling right now
Wish I could offer some really good advice that would solve everything. Of course, if I could I wouldn't still be fighting the good fight either, would I?

My week is shaping up better than the last few. I have been able to eat at my cut level (around 2000) and have gotten in some good workouts. Lifted weights 2x so far, walked once (rained out this morning), and even got on the treadmill last night for some HIIT and a run. My legs felt amazing, that was my first run in about 10 weeks. I think the rest and the weight lifting has done a lot of good. After that, I swam laps for about 10 minutes. I am trying to add back in a little more cardio, but trying to not overdo it like I used to.
Oh, and I kicked TOM to the curb so I hope he picks up his baggage soon. That's probably why I am feeling better too, the hormones are adjusting.

Don't give up girls, this is just one battle in a long war.
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