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Default Buttery Grilled Cheese Sammies

Originally Posted by WingnutandMe View Post
Please experiment with the potato puree for "roll/english muffin" replacements. It would not be restricted like the crepe mix is.
Keep it up rainbow. It makes this program even more fun.

first off....let me say this...
CHECK WITH YOUR OWN COACH FIRST see if Veggie Shreds are allowed for you....
because each person and each coach is different!!!
The coach I use has approved the use of Veggie Shreds in moderation.
This recipe used 2 tbsps of cheddar flavored veggie shreds.

this is what i came up with molly


so this morning....i was thinking...about the challenge from molly to use the potato puree for the english muffin recipe!! i decided to give it a try....

i used 1 packet of potato puree mix, 4 tbsps water and 2 tbsps milk and i added 1/2 green onion chopped and some salt and pepper.

i blended this all with my magic bullet using the flat blade. in the meantime i heated my pan and english muffin ring.

then i added HALF the mixture and spread the mixture out to the edges of the ring...and let it cook on medium heat for 2 mins....

then i flipped it and cooked it on the other side for 2 more mins!!
all done!!
next...make the second one!

using a serrated knife, i sliced through them to make 2 thin rounds...
you can see the insides and how moist it is...not rubbery!!

now you could use this as a little bun, bread for a veggie sammie...or you could just make one larger one for a wrap or tortilla...but for me, i was wanting a grilled cheese!! so......

i got out the ICBINB spray and some Cheddar Veggie Shreds...i only used 1 TBSP for each sammie!!

spray the outer side of your sammie with ICBINB spray and place toasted side down into the pan...then add your veggie cheese.

1 tbsp is really enough!! its about moderation while enjoying the foods you love!! IP doesn't have to be boring or dull!!!

then add your top sammie round!!

give the top a little spray too...of the ICBINB spray!! then flip and cook on that side just long enough to melt the cheese!!

i sliced mine into halves for 4 semi-circle sammies!!!

not very thick when you make 2 rounds...thin enough for the veggie shreds to melt without any trouble!! I LOVE MELTED VEGGIE SHREDS!!


and that's what was for breakfast!!! YUM!!!!

thanks molly!!!

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