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I am hoping my Jeep is fixable--since it has been paid off since 2006!

I wish I had never got on that evil scale before holiday. It looks as though I swallowed a small watermelon in my abs. My scale is up 12 lbs

I don't think I am exercising enough to support all of my poor eating choices.

There is no way possible for me to have gained 12lbs of fat weight in 2 months. I would have had to be completely comatose and doing nothing for that to happen. Still, it's water & inside my body--making me feel just terrible.

So, I am going to up my workouts and decrease the processed carbs.
I have 2 months before I go to the Caymans & these 12 lbs ARE NOT invited!!

A sweet friend of mine suggested I establish a "measurable" goal.
Honestly, atm, it's to re-lose these 12 lbs.

I'm so discouraged at this point. I enjoy lifting so much, but I think I was better when I was running 3-4x/week.
I just have to get my eating back under control. I will do this!
I'm a 13.1!!

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