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Default Jeweled Chicken Pattie Melt with Creamy Sweet Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Jeweled Chicken Pattie Melt with Creamy Sweet Roasted Red Pepper Spread

so....i have tried the chicken pattie mix before...once...and didn't like it!! but i had another packet...

...and my motto is always if at first your IP packet doesn't succeed, try again!!! thought i'd try it again!! so of course i started with some herbs...and then some flavor enhancements in the way of sweet bell peppers and red onions!!!....oh yeah...and garlic....i love should be ok right??

so i went to my little herb garden...and harvested some chives, some parsley, some sweet basil, and some rosemary for my "bun"!!

i got out my little silver foil packets!!!.....or as my grandkid's said...memaw's astronaut food!! haha

this is the chicken pattie mix in the bowl!!

and this is what it looks like after adding the 2 oz of while it was sitting....

i diced up 1 mini red bell pepper, 1 mini orange bell pepper and 1 red onion slice...

then i chopped my herbs and added them all to the chicken pattie mix....

give it a good mix....and let it sit while you make your lovely bun!!! i love my little IP buns!! and hubby does too!! no pun intended!!

for the recipe, scroll back to see the recipe for the english muffin...and divide batter into half and make 2 mini thin buns!!

if you don't have an english muffin ring, you can use a tuna can with both ends cut out!

see how pretty it "bakes" up!!!! probably my favorite IP recipe ever!!!

let them cool a wee bit, then slice in half, and add your lettuce!!!

since i already had the ring out...i thought why not just make the patties inside the rings too....for a perfect fit!!

so....divide your mixture in half....and place half into the ring and press down with a fork all the way out to the edges and cook for about 1 and a half minutes!!...and then flip!! cook for 1.5 - 2 mins on the other side

...your lovely little jeweled chicken pattie should look like this!!!


see how it holds it shape!!...and how pretty it is with the jeweled colored peppers!!!!!! after all ... they say.... we eat with our eyes first!! yum!!!

next...make your creamy delicious sweet roasted red pepper spread!!!

this is what i used....

you don't need much!! 1 tbsp sweet NO SUGAR relish, about 2 tbsp roasted red peppers, a dollop of garlic and a dollop of tomato paste.

i mixed mine all in my little magic bullet hopper with the flat blade.

now you are ready to assemble your patties!!! this recipe makes 2 servings!!

place your jeweled chicken patties on top of your lettuce....can also used spinach leaves but i was out!!....

next....add your yummmmy!!! spread!!

add your little "bun" topper!!

wrap one...and save for lunch tomorrow!!!

don't forget to add your veggies....i paired my jeweled chicken pattie melt with kale chips!!...I LOVE KALE CHIPS!!!



...and thats what was for lunch!!! oh and a tall glass of ice water!!!

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