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S/C/G: 200+/168/130

Height: 5'2''


I'm not yet down 20 lbs and although I took before pictures I don't want to take any progress pics until I've reached 160. I know the first lbs usually show more in the arms, legs and face anyways.

The other day my husband, daughter and I headed out to the park and while he was playing with her on the swing I was playing around with the camera and decided to randomly take a picture. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't turn out horrible lol.

So I decided to pull up a picture I had taken last year with my daughter around the same time. I hate being in pictures but decided it wasn't fair to my daughter to not have some of us together when she was young. Now I'm glad I made myself take some pictures.

My official starting weight was 180, but I knew I had been bigger than that and had lost before I started weighing. It's not a big difference but I can see a change in my face from last summer and now, which makes up for these horrendously sore muscles I'm sporting atm.

Sorry about the clevage.. the ladies have a mind of their own.

The other big difference? Look how green the grass was last year We're in the middle of a bad drought and everything is so dry and dead.
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