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i hit a milestone weight this morning!! it said 189.0 after my morning workout!! i've never seen that LOW of a number on the scale in my whole adult life

like i predicted, i PAID for that 13 mile bike ride yesterday....i went to the gym this morning like usual before work and my arms were so sore i could barely push out any abs or arms on the weight machines...i ran but i only ran one mile instead of a mile and a half...i ran it at a faster speed though but my whole body felt absolutely exhausted

i worked an 8 hour shift straight through without a lunch break (due to short staffing) and i felt totally useless at work...exhausted, achy, tired, sore...i sat down on the playground with some kids and could have just fallen asleep

ive thought of homeschooling my kids as well...i was home schooled growing up until 8th grade because we lived on a remote alaskan teenager has ADHD and autistic traits and frankly isn't learning a darn thing in the public school system...but i plan to have him focus more on life skills in high school (career choices, balancing a checkbook, drivers ed etc)...
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