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i like this thread and i happen to be in my 30s...most of the chatting seems to happen in the younger age groups...

ive been going to the gym since last september very regularly, since i signed up then...i work on running and also do weight training on the machines...i will not do heavy free weights although lots of ppl say that's better than machines, because i am at high risk of re-injuring my lower wrong move while learning the moves and more discs in my back could easily rupture...i've lived through enough of those to NEVER EVER chance weight machines it is

right now i'm running at a 5.5-6.0 speed on the treadmill...i run quarter-mile intervals with a 30-second or less pause between intervals to walk...and i run a total of 1.5 miles which ends up about 2 miles total with a bit of walking, warm up and cool down

right now i can push out 100 pounds on my arms on the weight machines and i can pull down between 110-130 pounds on my abs

anyhow thats what i do every morning...i get up at 530 a.m. to work out and am home by 7 when DH is getting ready for work...
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