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Originally Posted by WingnutandMe View Post
Good to know. Sorry it was at your expense. I was wondering about that timing. I have not seen any recipes for trying to make our "fake" fries. As I research, I will try to see if there a recipe that does something crispy with any veggies.

Thanks for keeping in touch with us on this.

Check out David Lebovitz review of actifry and his expereience in making good crisp fries. He's an american chef living in Paris.

David Lebovitz: I followed the instructions, peeling then cutting the potatoes into bâtons, rinsing them, drying them thoroughly before putting them in the machine. Then the user adds one tablespoon of oil, closes the lid, and sets the timer for thirty minutes.
Every few minutes, I peered into the machine, and nothing much seemed to be happening. The potatoes were being stirred by the revolving arm, very, very slowly. But like the French, things might move slowly, but when they finally produce something, it’s exceptional. (Like the Concorde, although no one ever could explain to me why diagonally-cut beans are called ‘French cut’.) And as the machine turned, skeptical me was surprised as the sticks of potato soon turned a golden-brown color. And after stopping the machine to pluck one out, a sprinkle of salt was all that was needed, and I had to admit the French fry was very good, somewhat mottled, but crisp!

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