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This is from a previous post from Longhorn when I quizzed him on how to make buffalo chicken in his Actifry

Actuary is a...Uhmmm...I dont know wtf it is but basically it turns out food similar to deep fried, without frying or using oil...They say a teaspoon of oil, but we never use any. They sell them everywhere, WallyWorld, Can Tire, Zellers, Bay, etc...Check around though the pricing is all over the place. Here is a link for it:

Now...PC Buffalo Wing Hot of course 0/0/0 and Franks Red Hot Buffallo sauce is 5 cal and 1g carbs if I remember, but the PC stuff is good, and there is a mild version too.

Now...the chicken...I love wings but of course we are not supposed to have skin, so...Two diffferent way...

1) Chicken breast-cut into strips roughly the size of a chicken wing, toss into the Actifry for approx 25 mins, add sauce and back on for 5 mins..

2) I buy actual chicken wings (not split) and then split them myself, and with a fillet knife, one slice up each side and the skin peels right off, then I use actual chicken wings...they are definitely a bit fattier, but taste really good. Same process for cooking, but I do them a bit longer, approx 30 mins and then 5 more with the sauce.

If you were a wing lover, these are a fantastic substitute. The actifry apparently does all kinds of things like fries and stuff, but we actually bought it for meatballs, wings and perogies, then when I started IP it went into the pantry. I have just started experimenting with it, so more to follow.

Thanks a ton longhorn!!!! This is going to have to be tried!!!!! And no oil then in the unit? Ok. Good to know!! On the hunt for one. Thanks!!!!

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