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Originally Posted by Sandsurfgirl View Post
I've been battling some health issues and my doctor suggested I eliminate all sugar and processed foods from my diet. I already eat organic the majority of the time and eat a pretty clean diet, but I was indulging in too much sugar, albeit organic sugar, in my coffee and tea and snacking on sweets like chocolate, etc. way too much. I'm eating fruit, just not refined sugar and sweeteners. I haven't eaten artificial sweeteners for 3 years now.

I've been doing this for 10 days and I've noticed improvements in my health already. I went through sugar withdrawals and was light headed for quite a few days and I went through some fatigue.

I'm losing weight faster than I ever have before and I'm not hungry at all because I'm eating all the time, just healthy whole foods.

I haven't decided how long I'm going to stay on a sugar fast. Maybe a few weeks.

I don't envision a life where I never bake cookies with my kids again or eat birthday cake at a party. But I don't know how to handle sugar in my life. How do you eat just enough to satisfy? I don't know how much is enough because I have overeaten for so long. I don't want to be in this mode of deprivation and then go nuts when I finally get some cookies.

And also since I went through sugar withdrawals, will I feel awful when I finally do eat some homemade cookies again? The withdrawals suck and I really don't want to do that all over again.
Really, why go back to something that makes you sick ? You really don't HAVE to bake cookies with your you? There tons of other fun things to do .... art, play games....

If you go back to 'sugar', you'll go back to the health issues and the weight.

Sugar is bad. Processed foods are bad. Eat clean, eat healthy, have a good life with your kids....
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