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Huzzah to Kaylets and Anagram this lovely Tuesday. I related so much to the discussion re being in the moment and enjoying the view.

When I do that regarding life, I find the weight journey takes care of itself.

Kaylets, I also like your cheater day idea. I do calorie cycling, which kind of gives me at least one high day a week. If we don't have that, I think our bodies rebel and nothing dietwise works anyhow.

I also relate to not worrying about someone else's "ideal weight" or fitness level. I used to be very influenced by other people about food, weight, fitness, and only in the last year or so have really gotten away from that and realized that I am my own guru and that when I did have a major weight loss, I did it using my own ideas. Feeling much more relaxed with it all.

Anyhow am on Day 166 of the backward count to my goal day! The streakity is thusly and WARNING (LONG) I listed ALL the songs in my "New Playlist" that is in honor of BEING BACK IN THE 130s AGAIN! New fun feeling I haven't had in awhile! Huzzah!

TUESDAY: July 17, 2012, Day 296 of streakity streak of no day missed of daily exercise, 30 min jog, 60 min walk, (music: New PlaylistóThe Winds of the Night/Africa: A Dreamful Journey/Pilates Music Ensemble, Andromeda/Wrath of the Titans/Javier Navarrete, Iím Not Scared/Flashdance/Film Music Orchestra, Jogging Music/Track 2, Live to Rise/Music Inspired by the Avengers/Soundgarden, Maniac/Flashdance/Film Music Orchestra, Midnight in Moscow/Hawaii Five-O/The Surf Dawgs, The Nature of Namibia/Africa (A Dreamful Journey)/Pilates Music, Simple Gifts/Lullaby/Jewel, You Are My Sunshine/Pt. 1 You Are My Sunshine/Elizabeth Mitchell, Windy/Swinging 60s Vol. 1/My Fitness Music, Winter Wonderland/Leslie Sansoneís Christmas Walk, We Owe it All to Jimmy/Island Jam/Jimmy & the Parrots, When You Wish Upon a Star/Julie Andrews Selects Her Favorite Disney, Three Little Birds/Island Jam/Jimmy & the Parrots, Turkish March/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Brahmsí Lullaby & Other Classical Music, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star/Lullaby/Jewel, A Whole New World/Brad Kane & Lea Solanga/Disney Princess, total streakity streak minutes so far 22,360 (Previous: 288 consecutive days of exercise, 18000 exercise minutes!)
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