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Huzzah, wootness 'n salutations to all Royals near and far and hello to Kaylets! It is SO great to see ye, K! So happy to hear you've got the 4 days in a row and the feel so much better buzz! Great plan to not put so much focus on a single number on the scale and to wait to weigh until you are ready.

I also believe in the efficacy of measurements when on any kind of fitness or weight management journey, whether it be just getting stronger or losing, gaining (also valid, I have a friend who is challenged with not weighing enough for her health) or maintaining. I do measurements religiously now, usually on the Saturday before each Sunday weigh-in. The data is invaluable to me and keeps me on track.

Wishing a lovely evening to Wsw and as previously stated, all Royals near and far.

I got my work day done way ahead of schedule and ended up cleaning the house and lying on sofa playing chess on the iPad. Very peaceful day and did not stress eat, eating day ended at a good calorie level.

Before work started I streakity streaked:

MONDAY: July 16, 2012, Day 295 of streakity streak of no day missed of daily exercise, 15 min weights, 15 min jog, 60 min walk, (music: Island Jams/Jimmy & the Parrots; 50ís Hits/Biggest Loser Workout Mix), total streakity streak minutes so far 22,270 (Previous: 288 consecutive days of exercise, 18000 exercise minutes!)
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