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Thumbs up Woot! Back in the 130s!

WELL, havin' listed the data and checkin' it twice, Am2 is starting her next 13 weeks on this countdown to December 30, aka MY GOAL DAY! This 13-week segment will take her to October 13, unless her math is wrong, always a possibility.

THE BIG NEWS in Am's Empire is that Am lost a pound this week and is back in the 130s (139.4 to be exact). She hath taken a solemn vow that THERE WILL NOT BE A REBOUND THIS WEEK AND SHE WILL STAY IN THE 130s UNTIL SHE REACHES THE 120s. There is a lotta deja vu here but she is NOT going back up that rebound ladder again.

Having lost more than 100 pounds over really several decades, with a WHOLE lotta ups and downs on the scale, life changes, friends and family supporting her journey and then NOT supporting her journey lol, clothes fitting, clothes not fitting, careers coming and careers going, there is one thing clear to Am. SHE IS NOT GONNA GO BACK UP THAT LADDER AGAIN.

Now it is about more than just weight. Am is fit but wants to retain her active life well into advanced old age. But her joints hurt. The plate in her arm hurts, her brain hurts (sometimes), her heart hurts (sometimes) ... in short, lol, every single pound off to the goal takes pressure off of her agin' bod and mind. So that is why she is so adamant. She knows she is not overweight, just wants those extra pounds OFF the Am person.

Anyhow, the data also shows that Am2 did lose a net overall inch count of .25 this week: .5 off the waist (hurrah) and .25 put ON the upper thigh measurement, which is good as she believeth that is a teeny bit of muscle addition.

Today's streakity streak entry be thusly:

SUNDAY: July 15, 2012, Day 294 of streakity streak of no day missed of daily exercise, 15 min yogalates, 15 min jog, 60 min walk, (music: albums, Africa (A Dreamful Journey)/Pilates Music Ensemble & Avengers Assemble/Various Artists; single: Maniac/Donít Quit Music, 80s Flashback), total streakity streak minutes so far 22,195 (Previous: 288 consecutive days of exercise, 18000 exercise minutes!)

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