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Hello, Royals.....I know I'll always be welcome to the Consistant Crew if I can find my way back.

I had an AHA moment last week when I said to SELF
"I've given up" and SELF tried to convince me I had not as that has not been a characteristic of moi nor one I like. However, after reflection, I realized I had indeed "given up" maybe not vocally but in practice and as a consequence I had gained back some very hard lost weight.

One can always find "reasons" and of coiurse I have lots of them. But I've faced up to more in the past and remained stalwart so none of them are worth a sou.

At any rate, I am hopefully back on board and will try to play catchup. Was very interested in the "solar flares" funk post by Arabella. Hmmm.

At any rate, I'm promising me I'll be back in the palace just to read about "dainty fingernail holding on" and streakity steaks and walkabouts and all of the things I have missed in my self indulgent wanderings.
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