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To Therainfalls: I'm so sorry that those hurtful things were said to and about you. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant people can be. Congrats on doing it for YOURSELF!

RVAscreenwriter: You can do it!!!!!!! Congrats on your success so far

My final moment was a friday in December, the last Friday before Christmas vacation at school (I'm a school counselor) and it was dress down day. My totally stretched out size 16 jeans, that were most likely more of a 20 due to stretching, ripped when I put them on. I had nothing else I could fit into - no other jeans that I could squeeze into. I figured, ok, grab my long sweater to cover it all up and make me feel ok....couldn't find the sweater. I ran around my house screaming "where is it? I have nothing to cover this fat ***, I'm such a loser". What made matters worse was I had lunch duty that day so I also got to stand in front of 1200 kids, feeling so fat and ugly, trying to cover ripped jeans. I decided then to make a change. I NEVER want to call myself fat *** or hate the way I look again. It took about 1 more week of eating junk food daily and binging all the time and then I went full blast on Jan 2 and haven't stopped! Ladies, you have been an incredible amount of support for me. THANK YOU!

Thank you all for listening.

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