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I've actually been reading up on WonderSlim more and I'm starting to consider it over Medifast based on the positive reviews on taste and the lower pricing before and after discounts. I originally rejected it because of lack of consistency with vitamin and mineral amounts between each product, but I can easily remedy that by taking a multi vitamin! Duh

So in essence, I'd be eating 4-5 WonderSlim products each day (majority of the time would be 5 each day, unless I have 4 products that are all 160 calories each, then I'd skip the 5th that day). Nothing more, nothing less.

Any thoughts? Specifically on the effect of WonderSlim on ketosis? I remember reading a post stating that WonderSlim doesn't put you into ketosis as much as Medifast does (if it even does at all), but with me consuming fewer products and no lean/green meal, would ketosis occur?

Thanks again!!
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