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am2- i am so sympathetic to sleep problems! sleeping is definitely not my best event. lack of sleep also makes me want to eat, eat, eat, eat.

i ate more cals today then i had planned, and need to stick to plan better tomorrow. actually, could have been a lot worse though. did get my planned exercise in. enjoy reading what music you play for your exercising. inspires me to play some of my favorites and explore some new ( to me) and different pieces also. i love classical music, as well as many other different types of music. my playlist spans lots(and lots!) of decades and a wide variety of genres.

well, i had a busy day and need to take care of a few things, so i can call it a night even earlier than usual. i have to laugh at myself, because "even earlier" than usual is very, very early (sadly. lol) ah well. hope you have a pleasant evening, empress. ---and to all our dear royals both near and far, thinking of you.

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