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Hi there, everyone--
I'm reviving this thread because it truly resonates with me. It's weird how when you are facing a difficult challenge that it seems like you're the only person in the world to face it, ever. Logically, you know that's not true, but it sure feels that way. After reading all of the reasons why y'all decided that 'enough is enough', I feel inspired to list mine.
1. My fiance and I have sex far less often. He's gained about 100lbs. since I first met him. He said that he feels self-conscious and unsexy when he sees himself naked. Having gained 50lbs. since meeting him, I realized that I feel that way, too.
2. Over the past two years, I've really hated seeing myself in photos. I never used to scorn my image like that, before.
3. I stepped on the scale for the first time in ages and saw that I was 3lbs. away from hitting the 200 mark.
4. I saw that all of the clothing that used to be my "heavy" wardrobe are sitting unused and unwearable in the back of my closet.
5. I look about eight years older than I did only two years ago.
6. My doctor said that I have high cholesterol, and that my joint pain is likely due to my increased weight.
7. I'm getting married in May of 2013, and realized that if I hate my photos now, I'll really hate my wedding photos.

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