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Default Interested in helping with research on bariatric surgery?

Dr Darren Moore is an old friend of 3FC, and is looking for people to participate in his research. He's a psychologist, so there won't be any poking, prodding, or blood drawing involved. If you're interested in participating, please IM jiffypop

I am developing a few studies and will soon be looking for the following participants: African American men who have had weight loss surgery, African American Women who have had weight loss surgery, Gay Men who have had weight loss surgery, Lesbian Women who have had weight loss surgery,...and heterosexual men and women who have had weight loss surgery as well. Once again, my research is focused on learning about the experiences of weight loss with the ultimate goal of helping professionals such as medical staff and mental health professionals (my background) to better serve people who have had surgery. If you are interested in learning more, please let me know. Have a great day.
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