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Too bad! On a forum that deal with food issues there are a surprising number of other issues and even outright addictions that come up. Drinking 4-8 beers isn't healthy behavior for most women, and neither is requiring inebriation for social enjoyment. Those are deeper issues that are concerning. And her post further down clarified it a bit. But binge drinking to the point of getting a hangover, especially if it happens regularly, isn't something to condone. Weight issues and nausea can be the LEAST of the problems associated with drinking to excess, especially as a regular thing.

To the OP, that's an astute observation - you could very well be eating less with your alcohol, but your tolerance would still be lower with a lower weight even if all factors remained the same. Take the beer, when you have it, very slowly and with lots of water. That way you can both feel the effects coming on before it goes too far and you can enjoy the same amount of alcohol longer. Think of it as mindful drinking, instead of mindful eating.
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