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I have been considering doing this. Every day I log my food intake into myfitnesspal and I am consistently low in both iron and potassium. Iron is especially a problem for me. I have started drinking one of those "mean green" drinks a day to supplement. One day, just for kicks, I entered the diet that they are doing on that reboot site into my fitnesspal. Basically it is just 4 of those mean greens a day and nothing else. When I analyzed the nutrient composition of that day it was actually way better than my good/normal days where all i am really eating are veges, fruit, almond milk, yogurt, and lean proteins. The only things it was low in was protein and fat. The protein level was actually not too bad. It was 50% of recommended values but I figured I could add some protein powder or something. The fat level was almost nonexistent and I am a little worried about that one.

edited to say that the total calories for the day are about 1240 but you could always drink some fruit juice or other juices if you wanted it higher.

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