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The heat has been bothering me a lot more this year, too, wsw! Lol, and I live in Arizona, so doubt we'll have much in the way of respite for a long, long time now. But slowly the temp will go down or the monsoon will bring relief for a while. I am feeling like fall or winter already. So looking forward to that this year and reaching my goal on December 30 or before lol.

Congrats on the op food and exercise day. I stayed that way, too.

I am developing a set of RULES for this diet, inspired by the Bob Harper "Skinny Rules" book, although I DON'T want to be skinny per se, don't even like the word.

The two rules on the list so far are to 1) plan my food for days I work meetings and 2) exercise daily, which I already do, but it is on the list now.

Lol, off to shop now as work starts tomorrow and I want to have all my food prepared and logged for two days.

Take care everyone.
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