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Default Hi I'm new! My bio:

name: Laura

location: Tacoma, Washington beautiful Pacific Northwest

currently unemployed/ customer service field

birthday: June 30th, just turned 35

marital status: divorced. I am girlfriend to the greatest guy ever.

children: none of my own but I'm very close to my 2-yr old nephew and my boyfriend has a 3-yr old little girl. I just need to borrow some of their energy!

how long on WW: first joined in 2007 and I had great success. Then life got in the way and I'm back at the starting line. Restarted this time around 6/17/12. 3 weeks in, and I've lost 9 pounds so far!

my goal: to lose half my body weight. Starting weight is 330. Goal to lose 165. Target weight 165.

exercise plan: I do my own thing. I have a list of execises I run through followed by an hour of water aerobics. Sometimes I do a Denise Austin walking DVD

how I stay OP: lots of fruits and veggies so I don't feel hungry. And I love it when I find foods that are awesome that feel like a cheat but are low in points. I love the WW icecream bars that taste like a Snickers!

why I think I'll be successful this time: I'm motivated, I'm excited, so far very happy on the plan, and I have lots of support.

what stands betweeen me and success: laziness and my love of food. Really bad foods.

how to overcome that obstacle: I have to be on WW. I have to make myself. I have to force myself to exercise. I have to stop being lazy. And as for those bad foods? Only on very rare and special occasions.

what do I do for fun: scrapbooking, reading, shopping, spending time with my nephew, and enjoying the outdoors. And of course, being with my sweetheart!

music: my taste in music is pretty ecclectic but mostly I enjoy Contemporary Christian music

top 3 things on a desserted island: books, bottled water, my MP3 palyer

other comments: WW worked for me before and I'm already seeing results. I want to do this! I'm so tired of trying to crop my belly out of the photos I'm scrapbooking. Tired of not feeling like I look my best when I look in the mirror. Tired of being exhausted all the time. I'm getting to that age where I know my weight is going to start affecting my health. And it's already hurting my back.
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