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I tried a carb cycling approach for about two weeks. I did low, moderate and high days. You rotate these days and do your hardest workout on days with more carbs. I only lasted two weeks because I always feel like crap on low carb, even if I know I only have to do two days. The plan I was following wasn't even extremely low carbs on the low days, and I still felt like crap. I also could not deal with the fact that dieting in this way made the scale fluctuate more than ever. I weigh every day, so this was a tad bit distressing, not knowing what my "real weight" was. I also had issues because I want to eat things as the situation arises. If my coworker brings some awesome strawberries in, I want to be able to eat some. On low carb days, I was just bored. Bored and tired of lettuce. And tired of ketosis pee and carb crabbies. The low down is, though, that bodybuilders have been doing this for eons to "cut" bodyfat for competition. It is supposed to be really effective for preserving lean tissue while burning fat. I say go for it, and please post if it works for you. Maybe I'll get the motivation to try it again and get these few stubborn pounds off.
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