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I made a second batch with a new thermometer (hubby bought me a fancy one with a timer) and incubated it longer. It was a little tarter, but MUCH thicker.

I'm going to make my third batch this weekend, using my yogurt from the previous batch as a starter (I also have a small container of Chobani plain to use in case my starter fails).

It's just amazing to me that for about $6 (about the price of one quart of Chobani on a good sale), I can make two gallons of yogurt. I've cut my yogurt budget by about 75%.

And the flavor isn't even comparable. So for 1/4 the price, I end up with something thats 10 times as good.

The only problem is that I do have to be very careful with portion control. I follow an exchange plan, and I've always had trouble getting in my two servings of dairy. Now I'm struggling to stay within my limit (sometimes swapping one of my carb/starch exchanges for a third serving of dairy).

I do notice though that the yogurt keeps me satisfied longer than many foods.
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