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Originally Posted by Mrsralphie View Post
I am so sorry but what is it TVP? Tofu?
It's not tofu, but like tofu it is a soy food, more precisely it's made from soy flour, It can be made of other vegetable proteins such as corn and wheat, but it's usually made from soy. The initials stand for textured vegetable protein (also called textured soy protein), and it comes in various texture and flavors.

The one I'm talking about is unseasoned and dehydrated (it's reconstituted by adding equal parts hot water to the dry granules which look like grapenuts cereal or beige aquarium gravel).

You can buy it in healthfood stores or many grocery stores (Bob's Redmill is one brand).

There are also "chicken nugget" shaped pieces, but that's not what I'm using.

When you add hot water or broth, or cooked in liquid it can be used as a ground beef (or other ground meat) substitute in recipes.

TVP is quite versatile and much less expensive than meat per serving (however beans are usually cheaper if bought in bulk).

I like using it as a low-carb cereal alternative, using it as a cold or hot cereal, and/or adding it to other cereals to bring the proten level up and the proportion of carbs down.
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