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am2-so glad to hear that you are at peace and very happy since making a lot of changes in your life direction and clarifying other things. "woot!" is right! very impressive, empress! i too know that any obstacles to reaching your goal will continue to fall away. also sending good scale angel vibes your way.

scale did finally move downward and was very pleased to see that, believe me. heat here is still mind-melting. i swear i walk outside into this sauna and i can't think my way out of a paper bag. (don't kow where that expression came from originally or why it popped in to my head just now, either, but i know it is old cuz i remember hearing it since i was a kid.) anyhoo-i stayed op and did my exercising today as scheduled. yay.

got some paperwork done today which i needed to accomplish, and was glad about that. bad news though, is that i am looking at a bunch of stuff i need to organize and
de-clutter, which i am not thrilled about. ah well. plan to try and make myself stay on task with that this weekend.

well, salutations to all queenlies within or around the palace (or far away). hope a good evening will be had by one and all.

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