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Wsw, I was afraid I was hogging the thread was going to not post until my weigh-in day but see you came in and wanted to say hi. Lol, guess we have plenty of room in the palace at the moment so I won't worry 'bout hoggin' the place.

I am requesting all my friends in weight loss to ask any scale angels they know to my weigh-in party on Sunday. The AZ heat is down a little now and there is plenty of golf to be had here. I have found that scale angels like golf. I will serve virtual angel food cake and green tea at the weigh-in.

Wsw, hope those scale angels have visited you since you posted.

I am taking a look at a weight loss plan called JUDDD. I may do a modified version of it. We'll see.

I am so at peace and so happy since I have made a lot of changes of direction in my life and clarified some thing in my mind that were murky before. I have just never been happier and I know the obstacles to reaching my goal are disappearing one by one. Woot!

This is Day 177 of my backward count to GOAL DAY!
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