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Amandie, I understand and appreciate your concern, but there are people who do this for months healthfully. It is important, however to maintain a healthy balance of nutrition and calories. Heck, there are people that also live on nothing but fast food. However, you make a great point that whatever type of nutritional diet people decide to follow, it should be done after careful thought and research.

I think the length of time is subjective to the person fasting. I am an If'er and an emotional eater. So, I juice during the week while I'm working and stressed and then eat proper solid foods during my window 2-3 days between Fri-Sun. However, I do follow my body cues when I need to eat more. I'm not doing this forever either, just during this particularly stressful time with work while I'm restarting my weightloss journey. Then do it maybe 3 days a week to clean my insides.

As far as protein is concerned, I add a protein powder drink to my routine. So, I'm not juice-fasting per se, but the majority of my nutrition comes from nutrient-rich drinks like freshly juiced juice, Alive! Green drink and soy protein drinks. I also make sure not to overdo certain vitamins such as Vitamin A.

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